Wednesday, March 24, 2010

36 weeks

Sorry this is a lil' late.
Here's 36 weeks, 5 days

Just returned from an OB appointment.
The boys are in all kinds of crazy positions, frequently changing...NEVER head down.
Oh well.

Everything is looking good!

On schedule for April 5th...prob not a moment sooner
(I think these boys are pretty comfy)

Apparently the OB practice will be shutting down the morning of my c-section. The 2 doctors like to assist one another during surgery, and my midwife will also be there (she's the 1 who has followed me this whole time).
I feel so special!
It's gonna be a big party.


Dolly said...

ai say you deserve a BIG PARTY keeping the boys all cozy and warm.

Sally and Paul said...

Rachel, I am so impressed with you! You look wonderful, and 37 weeks with twins! I could only make 37 weeks with Eric after I had my cervix tied shut!!! Can't wait to see ALL of you!

{natalie} said...

yay for almost 37 weeks. so awesome!! you looked like they've dropped a little. :))))

Jackie said...

Yay Rach!! You're doing so well! GOOD JOB!!

Rachel and Brian said...

I think they have dropped a bit Nat. According to my oh so "accurate" eye ball method in my bathroom mirror. lol

Kathy said...

Not much longer to go at look really great.

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