Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I want . . .

New bedding...and any of these will do =)
We need to move ASAP, so I can buy new things.

(sorry for so many pics, its excessive..I know)

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Nice beach read...

Jane Green's "Bookends"

A review of the plot...
A few friends meet at university: Simon, the chirpy gay character; Portia, the glamour girl; Josh, the adorable, unpretentious catch; and Cath, the overweight, insecure narrator. Portia strays from their crowd, but the other three remain friends into their 30s. Now successful Londoners, each faces a personal crisis: singleton Cath leaves a secure job to start a bookstore; Simon looks for love; Josh's marriage goes through growing pains. And then Portia, as intimidating and elegant as ever, wanders back into their lives--with surprising results. Green is a past master of the ugly-duckling-turned-swan story. Cath's transformation--neatly echoed by the changes in the lives of her friends--is completely addictive. Plot does indeed rule. --Claire Dederer

Guilty pleasure...

The Hills

I absolutely love The Hills. I know, I know...I just can't help myself.

Thank goodness its back on.

In case you missed last night premiere, heres a lil' clip.

Bri's favorite part "Laaaaauren (in dramatic french accent), have you seen thee Eiffffffel Towwwwweeeer?" <--Listen for it.

All I gotta say is I'm looking forward to April when all my favorite shows come back on.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Last Three Weeks at a Glance

Thanks Nat for the banana muffin recipe, even though I over filled the pans, they were still very yummy!!
Zoey chillaxin in a box. The girls love when we get mail. Feel free to send us empty boxes.

Easter basket...note the yellow tail reisling, my fav (Brians)

We gave up drinking, but the cats cant quite kick the habit.

Eat your heart out Pam Anderson!

Kabobs aka meat & onion (the fridge was sparse)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I hate PT

We were forced to do PT at the beach the other day. It was horrible. The sun. The sand. The waves. The beautiful scenery. And they made us play ultimate football. It is rough being in the Army. I don't care what anyone says.

This is me surveying the playing field with the eyes of a hawk about to kill a helpless field mouse.

This kind of calmness under fire can NOT be learned. It is something you are born with.

I probably cranked this bomb 60-130yds. Sixth touchdown of the quarter if I remember correctly. Just like Vince Vaughn, I was making it rain out there.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Help my sister out!!!

Please support my sister Andrea as she takes an amazing journey in the fight against breast cancer!
Like myself, I know many of you have lost someone you love to breast cancer and now we have a chance to fight back!
(Our step-mom Pat with Andrea at last years breast cancer walk)

The Breast Cancer 3-Day is a 60-mile walk over the course of three days. Net proceeds benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure and National Philanthropic Trust, funding important breast cancer research, education, screening, and treatment.

Please help my sister Andrea reach her goal of $2,200!
Donate Here

If you can't donate online, please print out her personal form here & you can mail in your donation!

If shes walking 60-miles for a cause, the least you can do is donate some ca$h!

Many Thanks!!!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

That's what I'm Talking About

We were driving out to Waianae to my Commander's Farewell BBQ when we got behind this truck. What was staring right back at us from the rear of this pickup? Oh, just two gigantic dead wild boar.

Note they are almost as long as the bed of the pickup truck.  The locals hunt these things with dogs, and then kill them by hand with giant knives. We are definitely not in NJ anymore.

Thursday, March 06, 2008


aka "Too Much To Handle"

Goodbye Danny Norriega..

And like, I totally did like throughly enjoy watching you...I must say I was like totally rooting for you (Brian, not so much).

Best of luck =)

In case you missed this awesome performance..

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A great day =)

So 2 saturdays ago Bri went to play golf with the I made the best of it. It turned out to be an excellent day.

In the morning when Bri was gone I went to Ko' Olina Resort to enjoy the sun, and read, with no worries of Bri getting bored (although I do love his company).

I finished my book...went home, checked the mail...and found 4 more books, i love mail!!! Every month I order a butt load of books used from amazon (highly recommend it!) here's this months stack of new reads.

Bri & the guys finished golf and we all went out to lunch, to Phuket Thai! YUMMY!!

Came home, relaxed, and then went downtown to sit at the beach bar & have drinks & good conversation with friends!

It was a great day!

Oh yea..

BUT before the BBQ, we went to the beach!!! hehe how could I forget.

We went up to North shore...not expecting good weather, not expecting a good parking spot. Luckily we got a sweet spot at Waimea Bay (unheard of), and the weather was gorgeous!! No clouds in sight...the waves were great, water was warm, and the sun was shining!!

At the end you will also find a video I took of the waves..

Enjoy the pics!

And heres the video.

UFC Fight & BBQ

Saturday we had friends over for a BBQ and the UFC fight..good times.