Thursday, July 31, 2008


Saw this guy when we were on the way to eat Korean food for Will's last dinner. Needs little explanation, but you should note that his loafers match his gym shorts.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm a lazy blogger, what can I say

So I will just post some pics from my Mom, Jim, & Brandons Trip out & some new things we did, like...
-Went on a submarine ride (down over 100ft) and checked out some sunken ships, planes, etc. -Went to Kualoa Ranch & did the "Jungle Expedition" & "Movie Set Tour". Its where they filmed Jurassic Park, Lost scenes, You Me & Depree, 50 First Dates, Windtalkers, George of the Jungle, and name a few. -Went to Iolani Palace & saw the King Kamehameha Statue -We also rented a boat was a good time!

Brandon, Brian, Zoey & Chloe

Submarine pics...

Someone just lost their 2 front teeth =)

106 feet deep at this point..

Waikiki Beach

Iolani Palace & the King Kamehameha Statue

Grillin at the Shorebird

Building sand castles at Lanikai Beach

Brandon & I got up early & went to Waimea Bay to watch Bri's P.T...they played football at Waimea Bay. Can you see Brian?

Rented a pontoon boat again & spent the day out at Kaneohe Bay

Kualoa Ranch
Jungle Expedition
Overlooking Kaneohe Bay from the ranches 4000 acres
Movie Set Tour... Jurassic Park shot
Favorite show ever!!
Me on Hurley's Golf Course from LOST!
Brandon swinging an imaginary club on the course

Godzillas foot print... apparently they had to fill some of it in, cos' the ranch cows kept fallin in it. lol
Spot in 50 First Dates where Sandler waited on the side of the road every day for Drew B.'s character to drive by....
View from the ranch grounds.

Not too much else goin on in our lives... let see...
Brian started another semester, his LAST semester =) Yayyyyy babe!!! I'm so proud of you!! Unfortunately, 3 classes & workin FT is a bit much, soooo he will be hard at work this next month & some

I'm back to work, no more vacations for me...not till November!!

The kitties are alive & well at the moment, although we have made quite a few vet visits this past month...keep your finger$ cro$$ed. The girls get more health care than I do. We still love them, even if they are slightly defective.

Ughhh thats it, pretty dull.

Miss you all..keep posting, we like to know whats going on!

ps- sorry for the overload of pics, I can never make up my mind which to cut.