Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Good News!

Brian found out today that he was accepted to for their MBA Program!

Congratulations to Brian!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

RIP Integra

Sooooo if you're not aware. Our car was stolen, AGAIN, last week. This time we didn't hear them, didn't catch them, and well....didn't get our car back completely intact. She was found on a construction site. They were obviously professionals.

View for yourself.

1st off...whats missing?
In case your not E-Rock. Generally there's an engine/transmission in this empty space.

You should never drink and drive.

That would be our car panels in the back seat...so they can get to our brand new infiniti speakers of course.

Empty trunk...they even took our acura emblem.

Can you spot whats missing?
That would be the gear shifter...they pretty much took everything.

Including all 4 tires.

Question: Does "The Club" work?
Answer: not this time.

And lastly...her final resting place.

Icing on the cake? We had to pay to have it towed & disposed of.
F-U- Hawaii...

Needless to say, we are not shipping our car home. Luckily our fabulous friend Kate is letting us use her car until we leave. THANKS KATE! WE LOVE YOU!

Kayaking out to Mokulua island

Brian, Buddy (in town visiting), Kate & I went kayaking last week out to Mokulua island off Lanikai Beach.
Here are some pics from the day.

This is a view from Lanikai beach looking at the island that we kayaked to.

Our kayaks on the beach.

Ughh "You know how I know your gay..."

The Boys did some manly climbing around the island...

Kate and I lounged in the sun...

Congratulations Brian!

Brian is officially a graduate of
Hawaii Pacific University

He has worked really hard while working FT and entertaining me FT to earn his
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-

I love him, and I couldn't be prouder!!
Congrats babe!!

Last day at work!

Last Thursday was officially my last day of work...and so starts my 2 1/2 month vacation!

On my last day they had a big pot luck for me...I stuffed my face!
Here's me & my co-workers- I'll miss them all very much! Hopefully the next place I work is as good to me as they have been! I love my KPO family!

Afterwards me and my girlfriends went to Ko'Olina Lagoons for our last swim session, very sad!

Every week we would go here to do laps after work-if you have to work out, this isn't a bad place, right?

Jenny, me, & Kate
(& my temporary car-thanks Kate...that story to be told later)