Sunday, August 31, 2008

Free weekend?! Sign us up.

Bri & I participated in another "Marriage Retreat",
aka free weekend at Turtle Bay.

I won't bore you with pics, but check out this sweet view from our room.

BONUS: went to a luau and sat at the table next to Daniel Dae Kim, aka Jin from "LOST"
DOWNSIDE: he was a jerk...and his wife an even bigger jerk.

Whats that? Don't take your photo?! not the best picture, I don't have Ethans discreet picture taking skills, BUT its proof.
3 years, and we finally met a cast member from one of our fav shows.

FYI Mr. Kim, no one noticed you but could have been cool and just taken one lousy pic.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Wine and Cheese

Carlos and Emily invited some friends to their house for a "Wine and Cheese Tasting." I was a bit skeptical at first, because I had never attended such an event. Also, I was worried because Carlos told me it wasn't dinner, but just little appetizers and stuff. Rach and I were pretty hungry going over there, and I thought we were definitely going to be forced to hit the Wendy's late night afterwards.

Boy was I wrong. They had all these delicious meats, cheeses, and appetizers. We did not leave hungry. I really liked the format of just eating a bunch of little things instead of one big meal.  I was scared of the melon wrapped with some kind of thinly sliced smoked meat, but it was pretty tasty. The bruschetta was delectable, and I ate about a pound of fresh mozzarella.

I have no idea what kind of wine we had, but I drank it and it was good.  You can tell by looking at the pictures who the real wine afficionados are because some of us held the wine glass by the stem and some of us held it like a beer glass.  Amateurs.

For dessert Midori brought Bearded Papa's cream puffs, which are my absolute favorite.  Addam said they were awesome, and he would know because he, "F'n loves pastries!"

The spread.

L to R is Jason, Midori, Emily, Me

Me, Carlos, and Addam (notice how Carlos is gazing at me)

Rach's pimp face and Carlos's regular face

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Kate Falcon's Birthday

OK. First, I have to say please don't send any kind of hate mail saying, "Get out of town! Her name cannot be Kate Falcon! There is no way you know someone with a badass last name like FALCON!" Believe it people. I've seen her drivers license.

Kate invited us and some friends to the Turtle Bay Resort to eat dinner at a restaurant called Lei Lei's. The food was delicious, and the company rather pleasant.  I had the filet mignon, of course, and Rach had the crab stuffed salmon.

This is Kate opening her gifts from Rachel and Jenny.

The gorgeous ladies I had the pleasure of spending the evening with.  (especially the one second from the left)

Kate and the guys.  I put this up because it is the most awkward "ooops we're not ready" photo ever.

This is me wearing Kate's scarf. She had it with her "just in case." I asked her if the "just in case" was like just in case she needed to disguise herself as a pastel colored ninja, or a sand storm suddenly blew in, or if you get invited to a Lawrence of Arabia costume party?

Friday, August 08, 2008

America's Next Food Network Star

Did you watch this season? The guy who won, Aaron McCargo Jr., was from CAMDEN, NJ!

We loved this guy, and the 1st episode of his show, Big Daddy's House came out last week. Best part, he actually cooks with ingredients whose names you would recognize & prolly have on hand.

We tried his spin on chicken fingers with salad. Instead of coating the chicken with bread crumbs, you use chips...I believe he used spicy nacho chips, we had some sour cream & cheddar chips on hand, so we went with that. It was very tasty!

Pound your chicken

The 3-step coating process.

Coated & ready to fry.


Serve & top with your favorite dressing.

I highly recommend watching the show! Check it out Sunday night.

Happy 100 Posts!!

This was a gift from a patient. It's a "Haku" from Kauai, aka a Hawaiian flower head lei. I wore it all day at work...I felt like a cross between a princess & a hippy =)

This pic doesn't do it justice. The colors are gorgeous, the flowers smell spectacular, & they look so perfect everyone thought they were fake. I felt very honored to be given one!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Cat Cave

We always put our comforter on this basket that we keep in the corner of our room, because it is always too hot to use it. Today the comforter happened to form a little cave that Zoey took a nap in.

As soon as I took Zoey's picure (with my iPhone), Chloe jumped into the same little cat cave for her photo op.

Weird. Them for posing in the cat cave. Us for taking the pictures and posting them on the Internet.


I finally convinced Rach to let me get an iPhone. These are some of the pics I took today when we went to Roy's. The restaurant is situated on a golf course with some really good views.

This is the view of the 18th hole from the bar.

The view from behind my beer glass.

The food was so good that we forgot to get a pic of my honey mustard beef short rib. This is Rach's macadamia crusted swordfish.

The delicious chocolate souffle with ice cream.


This is what I did at work two Fridays ago. Can you figure out which one is me?

Friday, August 01, 2008

Princess Chunky

This 44lb. cat was recently found in Voorhees... Shes 2 lbs shy of topping the world record.
I think shes adorable.

Check out article HERE