Saturday, November 03, 2007

Loving Sisters

24 Hours

We got this cabin reservation from a friend (long story), but it was supposed to be a sweet little "hotel like room" on the beach. So, since we were going to play paintball on that side of the island anyway we decided to take it.

Got kind of a late start so it was dark when we got there to check in. They gave us a little map that showed pretty simple directions on how to get to the "camper cabin".

After two laps around this campsite we had to go back to the front desk to ask for directions , but the hawaiian chick there was no help. We finally found our cabin, and were surprised to see that it was a little sparse. Just a bunk bed, and a regular bed. No sheets or pillow or anything. Luckily we had two sleeping bags in our trunk for some reason.

Later I burned the hot dogs we brought to eat, so we ate halloween candy to supplement our meal. Oh, and we had no drinking water. Rach was ok with that though because she would rather be dehydrated than be forced to use the disgusting public bathrooms.

So I spend the night disassembling, checking, lubricating, and reassembling my gun (Rach read her book). I felt like a hired gun spending the night in a remote cabin. Greasing up my gun and thinking about all the PTs I was going to kill the next day. (We played PTs vs OTs in paintball).

We didnt sleep so well since we had no pillows and the mattress sucked. So we woke up early and got ready for paintball. We ate at this little restaurant they have there (only after having to wait 15 mins for the broad to take our order). Then we left to go to paintball, except there was a giant detour, traffic, and the fact that it took way longer than I thought to get there.

On the trip to paintball we saw this sweet truck.

But, after all of that we played paintball for about 5 hours. The place we played is called the Kualoa Ranch. They filmed Jurrasic Park, 50 First Dates, Lost, and Pearl Harbor there. So we played in the same place where the T-Rex ate the goat in J Park.

We grilled out on our little Weber that Dave gave us. Pretty good food, except I tried to pick up the grill when we were leaving and burnt the tips of my fingers.