Monday, April 09, 2007

Aww Snap

So this is Brian and Rachel here. Quick overview:

1. Rachel is sexy, smart, funny, and my sugar mama. (Masters in OT...chaching!)
2. Brian is ruggedly handsome, smart, witty, expert archer, and chinese checkers two time world champ. Still no college degree...god i suck.
3. We were born and raised in NJ (Gloucester County to be specific).

4. We have lived in Hawaii (together) for about a year now.
5. We got married about 2yrs 4months ago.
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6. We bought our first home a year ago. Its a sweet little pad. Nothing special, buts it's OURS!
7. We want to adopt two little kittens in the very near future. Stay tuned for updates on that adventure.
8. We have traveled a bunch together.
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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9. We like: Lost, I Love New York, Heroes, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, American Chopper, Sopranos, The Office
She Likes and I Hate: Greys Anatomy, October Road, Desperate Housewives, Lifetime Movies, The Hills
I Like and She Hates: UFC, Dirty Jobs, ESPN, Deadwood, Mythbusters
10. Rach swore up and down I would LOOOVE the salmon she cooked tonight. I ate leftovers, and she ate her words. Thought she knew me better than that.

Thats it for now. Hope you enjoyed...especially you Nat! Im sure there will be more to come. Spread the word...there is a hot new blog in town. Hallowpoint OUT!


*natalie* said...

yes i'm your first comment ever!!! i love the first post. i am so excited to add you two to my blogs i read daily!!! yay you so funny. sorry about the salmon (did you at least try it? i wouldn't have! no fish for me!) ok more to come i hope!!!!!

*ethan* said...

i love the pic of you guys and the dolphin! and how could you hate dirty jobs?!?!

Rachel & Brian said...

Brian was fudging on that I swear...Its not that I hate all those shows, I hate when he watches them consecutively for long periods of time. I have a short attention span. BUT...I really hate myth busters. That is all truth.

chris said...

Brian, you got to get some color on you ankles and feet. Rach, I would have dumped the salmon in his lap. Love your kitties.

Rick said...

that's an awesome looking shower! i think your bottom line just rose by about $5K... so what's next on the home improvement list?

lee said...

He does not hate Grey's Anatomy! I know the truth! :)