Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saturday Morning

We finally got new couches on Friday. Thank God. Nat and Ethan you should be thankful you wont have to sit on the torture devices we used to have for couches. But the new ones are nice. Four built in recliners, a built in cup holder, and the love seats are rocker/recliners. And I think they are micro-fiber or something like that so hopefully our cats wont be able to ruin them with their claws.

Saturday morning meant bathe time for the Kitties. They havent mastered the art of squatting properly when taking a crap or doing number one. So we find ourselves running after them trying to wipe butts. Yea its kinda gross. Nat, thats gonna be your job when you get here. So anyways yea this is what our kitties look like after a bathe.

And on that note we are making progress on the potty training. We moved the training aid up onto the toilet this morning (it was just on the floor next to the toilet for 2 days so they could get used to it). So, of course, directly after her shower Zoey was in the bathroom looking confused. So, Rach put her up there and she went right to work.

I am hoping things will continue to progress rapidly and we will have them crappin right in the toilet within 2 wks.

Lastly, here are some cute photos of the kitties playing around. Enjoy!


*ethan* said...

so question, what happens when i stumble in to the bathroom in the middle of the night to take a leak and i pee in the kitty litter...... who has to clean that mess up?

Rachel & Brian said...

Ha...That would be Nat. She was already assigned butt wiping duties, so she can add that to her list.

Krissi said...

Let me know how the couches work out with the kitties..Cause I want a new couch but im scared cali will make pulls in it with her claws..

Sally&Paul said...

Love the potty shot. Maybe I should teach Sophie to use the potty too.