Friday, April 13, 2007

Our new babies!!! Zoey & Chloe!

Here are our new kittens!!! We got them Thursday (April 12th). They are almost 10 weeks old. They are adorable.

Here is Zoey...As u can see, she made herself right at home

Here is Chloe...

And here they are together ...They had a long day of chasing fake mice all around the house, and from being scared with all the noise from the boys remodeling the bathroom..PLUS, I couldn't manage to catch an action shot of them (without a blurred image being displayed on the camera)

Don't u just love how Chloe crosses her front paws..what a lady.

We adore them both!!


*ethan* said...

those are some cute kittens!!

sally said...

My new grandkitties are adorable!!!!! Ans what cute names!!!! If you bought this much stuff for baby kitties, I can't wait to see what you get for a real baby!

*natalie* said...

they are so cute! i can't wait to meet them in a few days.