Saturday, April 21, 2007

Fav Pics from Trip to NJ

I was just going through my Photobucket album when I was doing the last blog and I found these pics. I have deemed them my favorites from our trip home in Feb.

I dont think I really need to comment much on this picture. It works on many different levels, because it really captures the essence of who we are as a couple, but its up to the viewer to decide how.

Ohhh Addison what a cutie you are. Its too bad you arent coming to hawaii to hang out. I really think we made a connection while I was home (dont tell Ricker), but I think Im def the favorite uncle now. I thought the putting green would win Kade over, but apparently he likes my new kitties more than me.


eric said...

yea right, uncle rick is the facvortie, thats why i live here, they told me i have to stay!!!

*ethan* said...

the angry drunk is always a good pic i don't care who you are!!

*natalie* said...

i want to see the video from the wedding. someone needs to mail me a tape! the pics are super cute. don't worry kade can't stop talking about you or the cats. SEE YOU SOON :)