Friday, April 13, 2007

Hope this turns out how I imagined!!

So, we are remodeling our bathroom shower. Luckily Brian has a terribly handy friend. Thank you Rick!!! And thank you Amanda & Brayden for letting us borrow him!

We forgot to take a before, but u can partially see the semi-80's tiling in this pic.

Here is the bathroom in the destruction phase..

Hopefully I will be able to post beautiful "finished" pictures tomorrow! Especially since it makes my body cringe seeing my bathroom/house this messy. Say a prayer.


*ethan* said...

i hope it works too, if not me and the misses are going to stink if we're not showering for a week while we're there

eric said...

nice work, wish i could have been out there, i think i need to find a job, that i dont neede to go too, but pays me alot of money, that would be sweet to have.

ooh well, ill try and make it out there sometime