Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy 28 Years!!

February 13, 1982
was a great day. . .because you were born babe!

Happy 28th Birthday!!
I love you.

And I know there are fabulous things to come this year...
I can think of TWO in particular.
Your "sidekicks" as you like to refer to them.

Hope you had a great birthday!!

Here is the birthday boy.

Birthday boy with one of his gifts, a new chef's knife.
Coldstone cake from my sister Krissi & the kids.
Chloe wishing daddy a good birthday.

Thanks everyone for all Brian's birthday wishes!


Kathy said...

Happy Birthday Brian. Loved the pictures...great cake, cute cat, loved the sidekick comment...but the knife picture...scary! lol

Dolly said...

Brian. We are glad you had a great Birthday you were also born on a Saturday, but be careful with that knife.

Jackie said...

Happy birthday Brian!!!

Anne-Marie said...

Brian, looks like you had a nice b-day. Happy be-lated!

Sally and Paul said...

Love the pictures!! You always did like to cook. And I love that you are carrying on the tradition of the birthday cake plate.
love you,