Monday, July 23, 2007

Picture Updates

We had some requests for pic updates of the kitties and stuff. The kitties are no longer potty training as they refused to use the toilet after we took out the last ring of the training device. Chloe peed on Brian and the bed, so we decided to just go to kitty litter. Its not so bad... besides the amazingly foul smelling bowel movements in the closet of our two bedroom condo, getting litter all over our hardwood floors so it sticks to the bottoms of your feet, having to pay for litter, constantly having to clean it out, and the cats not knowing how to cover up a fresh dump because they trained on the toilet. But we still love our kitties and I would personally take a bullet for either one of them.

This is Chloe chillin out kinda giving that "Why don't you get outta my face" look.

The girls, go figure, playing in a box.

Zoey just chillaxin under the papasan chair. (Yes the same one she crapped on 4-5 times)

And lastly, we are kinda biting off Nat, but we got inspired by her post about apple sauce pancakes. Mom would be proud.


Sally&Paul said...

Mom is SO PROUD of those delicous looking applesauce pancakes. Brian was brought up on them, a little too much maybe?
The girls are gorgeous!

*ethan* said...

Nat has made those pancakes i'd say 6 of the last 7 days! and im not complaining!!

*natalie* said...

those kitties are getting so stinkin big. holy cow. i'm cracking up about the stinkin poo. haha.

and yes those pancakes are so yummy in my tummy

J & E said...

i love those pancakes, i only eat those kind, i have never had any pancakes that i like besides them

i love them