Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lets get this out of the way.

We're back. Where have we been??

*Relocating from Hawaii to NJ
*Traveling (San Diego, Utah, & Vegas)
*Celebrating the holidays with ALL of our family (& friends)
*Eating, Eating & Eating (Helllllooooo cheesesteaks)
*Settling into our new place in Deptford
*Showed Lenny the sights in Philly while he was visiting

most recently. . .
*Getting back into that "work" thing.
*& Bri starts school on the 20th. (ps- he joined the NJ National Guard)

Here are a butt load of pics in no particular order.

After running up the art museum steps, Rocky Style.
Brian tryin to make me jealous.  Check out his sweet ass.
Outside the Art Museum (On our sightseeing tour of Philadelphia while Lenny was in town)
Independence Hall
Liberty Bell
Our Gondola ride at the Venetian in Vegas.

We saw the Blue Man Group & Carrot Top
Addison all dressed up.
Crazy eyes.
Crazy poses from Kade
Classic horns.
Our new home.

Me, Bri, & my lil brother, and the new dog we all bought him for Xmas.  
His name is Chase (after Utley), and he's a Maltese Shitzu
Brian dressed for his "Ugly sweater Party"
Chase in his winter coat we bought him, hehehe
Chloe dressed for XMas

Zoey dressed for Xmas.

Jared & Alissa playin dominos (I taught them Chicken foot when we had a sleepover)
Brandon & Jared
Me & Chase.
Me & Bri

San Diego Zoo Pics... 


*ethan* said...

well let me be the first to say welcome back.... and that was a butt load of pictures!

{natalie} said...

i love your leggings.

i can't believe i let kade go in public w/that outfit on.

that panda is funny.

your new place looks cute, let's see more pics

bri that is one sweet sweater.

Jenny & Justin said...

Wow, what a year for you two!! Looks fantastic all the places you've been. And I would like to see more pics of the house! It looks so cute. Good luck with work and school.

Sally and Paul said...

Welcome back!!!! Love all the pictures. Can't wait to see your new place. Good luck with work and school.

Juliet said...

Welcome back...I was wondering how you guys were doing!