Monday, November 03, 2008


Here's some pics from when Buddy was in town and him and Bri went skydiving up in North Shore...right over the ocean

Pics in random order.  Enjoy the videos.

Be sure to continue scrolling down...there's lot of new updates. =)

1st video is Brian's landing.  2nd video is Buddy.


{natalie} said...

that is so awesome! kade wants to watch the video over and over

Sally & Paul said...

Way to go, Bri. Sure can tell that you have done it a few times before! How come Rachel didn't do it???

Anonymous said...

lucky bastard!!!!! thats all i got


Jenny & Justin said...

So Jenny took me to do this at the same place about 4 years ago! Effing sweet Dog! Haha, I finally left a comment on the blog for Rachel! Nice to see you guys in Utah, Justin