Sunday, January 06, 2008

Key Largo, Montego, baby why dont we go...

My dad and I decided to go to Florida for Thanksgiving to get away... we spent time with close friends of his Renee & Mario in Ft. Lauderdale by the Sea, and then we drove through Miami, and went down to the Keys, and spent time in Key Largo & Marathon. We were invited to have Thanksgiving dinner at the house of the owners of the resort we were staying at at the time, so we did...surprisingly, we had a REALLY good time with complete strangers, they were very friendly! Here's some pics from our trip ...

Restaurant/bar next door to our place

My future condo, nice huh?

Fishing Pier

Completely random photo..we were on the fishing pier above when I noticed this crazy drunk girl. With beer in hand she was dramatically stripping for any passerby with a, yea, of course I snapped her picture. Her response...she flashed me her fine bu-dunk-a-dunk (sp?)..SO I snapped another. Lucky you guys, right?

Pelican munchin' on a fish

My dad off the fishing pier

Cool pirate store

My dad way out there

South beach. But I don't think its the south beach..

South Beach

Sunset in Key Largo

The bay in Key Largo

Sitting on this hammock made me feel like I was in a Corona commercial. Esp when 2 guys came out and started playin their guitars..very random

Sunset at 7 Mile Bridge

7 Mile Bridge


Marathon Beach

We went to Coral Castle. This guy built this place many years ago with simple tools and no one to help...and him and his family actually lived there. Everything in there is made completely of coral.

This Florida shaped table was intended for the governor of FL to sit at

Me in a lounge chair

We also did a really cool kayak adventure in the everglades but I played it safe and didn't bring my camera, just in no pics, sorry.

I had a great time bonding with my dad, but unfortunately for him I think my lil' sister is gonna hang this trip over his head for a loooong time.


{natalie} said...

looks like fun! i wish we were in Florida. it looks beautiful there

Jenny & Justin said...

Totally cool pics, Rach! Is the bridge really 7 miles long? And where does it go?

Sally&Paul said...

Hey are you sure you are not in Hawaii??? You have taken some terrific pictures!! Thanks for sharing.

Rachel & Brian said...

The bridge leads to Key West. Its 7 miles long, but I believe there is a lil piece of land somewhere in between.