Saturday, January 19, 2008

Busy busy

We like to keep people in we don't blog often. (or we're just lazy bloggers)
Heres whats been going on lately...

We got back from Jersey, and Brian's Mom Sally came out for a visit with her friend Deb. We had a great time hanging out with them (and eating yummy meals). Hopefully they had a great time as well! You can check out pics at Sally's page.

Here's us at North Shore.
Us eating Shave Ice.

Here's some pictures of the insane waves they have been getting up in North Shore. They even had all the beaches closed down this day. I don't think the pics really do the waves justice..they were over 25ft & coming up onto the road.

While Sally was here she gave me a sewing lesson. Here is my 1st creation. A hawaiian scrub top.

And I finished this one up just after Sally left.

Nice huh? I've also been sewing other things around the house...puttin that machine to good use

Today I went to a baby shower at White Plains Beach and there was a Hawaiian Monk Seal snoozin in the sun.


{natalie} said...

cool pics, the waves look gigantic!! i'm glad you had fun w/mom and deb. and the sewing is great!

Sally&Paul said...

Love all of your pictures!!! The waves were huge! The scrub tops look professional. Way to go! Thanks for such a wonderful time.

*ethan* said...

i don't think that the seal was sleeping it looks dead, did it ever move?

Rachel & Brian said...

ha..yes it moved, i swear..every1 keeps asking me that

Jenny & Justin said...

Those are some killer waves!! And you definitely have some killer sewing skills. No, seriously, sew me up a hawaiian scrub shirt!