Sunday, June 24, 2007

We Hate Painting!

We finally got off our lazy butt's this weekend and painted the bathroom. Thanks to Nat for picking out the Fairy Godmother color from the Disney paint line. So it took a lot longer than we anticipated since we had to prime it first. But I think it looks pretty good. More of a beachy, tropical feel than the poop brown that it was before.

And this is just a pic of Chloe and her obsession with boxes. She loves boxes! And her new obsession is tearing up paper... which she managed to do by shoving her paws under the door and into the bathroom to get the drop paper we had put on the floor when we were painting. She's crazy.


*ethan* said...

i cant believe i didn't even get a name mention on the choosing of the paint, i was there too! but it looks good! how are the cats doing with going to the bathroom on the can? that could be your next blog

*natalie* said...

oh i love it! how do you like it? thanks for mentioning me and my skills.

that kitty is cute, big tone loves boxes too!

Rachel & Brian said...

hahaha, funny you should ask Ethan. I'll let Brian answer that question.

J & E said...

that looks really really good, nice work