Thursday, June 21, 2007


Wow! This was quite the adventure. We took off at like 5:45am so we could make the 6:30 departure. We should have known it was going to be a little rougher than anticipated, because it was all rainy and stuff when we left.

So we hop on this boat and go like 2 or 3 miles out to sea, and they tell us that they don't even really need chum because the sharks are so used to crabbing boats that they just swim right up at the sound of a boat putting a cage in the water. And believe me they weren't joking. I would say that there was at least 3 sharks visible within 30 seconds. It was pretty crazy.

Long story climb in this cage that they tie off to the boat and float out into the water. You are supposed to float around in the cage all nice like and snap some pictures. BUT... there were these pretty big swells that were coming in and they would make they cage yank against the ropes real hard...and really suddenly... so it was a pretty violent ride, and I think I bashed my head against the cage like 4 times.

But we got some pretty good photos... and that sweet video that Rach posted. We both have all of our limbs and digits.

Something you should all check out if you ever come to Oahu.


*natalie* said...

cool pics...those sharks look scary!

*ethan* said...

i'm pissed now that we didn't do it! i blame nat!