Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I figured I would share with everyone... my wonderful husband has received a PROMOTION to E5...you can now refer to him as "Sergeant Hall".

Needless to say I am very very proud of him!!! He was too modest to pose for a picture for this blog...unfortunate for him, I have a reserve of pics I have snapped in the past. Sorry babe!

Congratulations Brian!!!


*natalie* said...

congrats big bri! nice photo too. i will change his name in my cell phone to "the sargeant."

*ethan* said...

that's sweet congrats!! you remember sergeant slaughter from the wwf? you and him are now the same!

*ethan* said...

ps also glad you posted a new blog i was tired of checking this thing for the past 3 weeks and seeing nothing new

chris said...

Congrats Bri. I read what Nat wrote about changing your name in her cell phone. I will change my to (whats higher, LT or Cpt?) This will save time later.