Thursday, May 31, 2007

Just a little update

Its been a while since we updated our little bloggy blog. Things are going well here in Hawaii. The rain has stopped, and the heat has begun. Nat and Ethan got some pretty sweet weather while they were here, but it is getting pretty humid, and muggy now. I guess you can't compain though.

I am finally getting promoted to SGT tommorrow. I kinda just wanted to get promoted for the money since Rach wasnt working until a couple months ago. But it looks like I wont have that much added responsibility, so it should be worth the dough. Ill keep you updated on that one however.

I had a BBQ the other day for the UFC fight. I was pretty stoked about it because Chuck has improved a whole lot since 4 yrs ago when he last fought Rampage. But Rampage really gave Chuck a beating when they did fight, so I figured it would be pretty entertaining. Wow...was I wrong. Rampage knocked Chuck out in under 2min I think. Chuck was apparently out all week partying it up in Vegas so he wasn't in the best of shape. I don't think its a very good excuse, but he was a great Champ, and Im sure he will be back. Congrats to Rampage.

On a different topic...Rach and I watched a pretty good movie the other day. Thank You For Not Smoking is a really different type of movie that is definetly worth watching. It doesnt have any huge name stars in it, but I was suprised that I liked it as much as I did.

The kitties are doing well. Zoey has made some real strides since we put the Papasan chair in the guest room. The both of them are used to getting fed at about 5am when I get up everymorning (yes on the wkends too), so they are waiting outside the bedroom door every morning. I dont know what got into Chloe (who is usually our superstar) but she was in our laundry basket after I fed her so I grabbed her and threw her on the bed. She instantly started to squat so I grabbed her again and took her (peeing all the way) to the toilet. Needless to say Rach had to get out of bed and scrub the floor. (we should get stock in Clorox). But atleast Zoey decided to show her sister up and pee and crap right in the toilet with no assistance. Here is a good pic of them recently. They are getting really big lately.

Thats all for now. We will try to keep everyone updated more frequently. Thanks for reading.


*ethan* said...

those kittens are gettin big! oh and congrats on the e-5

*natalie* said...

congrats Bri. i hope dinner was good.

i forgot to tell you that ethan and i watched dumb and dumber the other night and giggled our heads off.

Sally&Paul said...

Love your blog update. So does Grandmom, but I don't think she knows how to post a comment.
Are you enjoying the "salutes"?