Monday, April 19, 2010

Photo Shoot

Thanks for the onesies Nat! We love them!

Here's some pics of our handsome lil' men!
Believe me it was extremely hard narrowing down pics.

Jackson shootin' the bird!
Our Happy Lil' Family!


Dolly said...

Oh, WE just love the pics they are just so adorable and so bright for two weeks old today. The picture of the four of you is just a treasure

Jackie said...

Yay Rach!!! I just love this! And very cute Nat - love that you make those.

Kathy said...

Great pictures. They are adorable,and the onesies are cute!

Anne-Marie said...

They are so adorable and the onsies are cute! I hope you all are getting SOME sleep!

Rachel and Brian said...

I love these guys!!!! It was wonderful to spend with them. I think they can win the cutest babies contest!!!

Rachel and Brian said...

hmm im guessin the last comment was from sally on my comp. lol

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